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About Us

Thank you for stopping by.  We are one of the fastest sellers of River Ranch Properties.  River Ranch Members and prospective members choose us for the following reasons:

    We are fast.  Our automated systems allow us to process deeds or financing agreements in record time.  You don’t have to wait weeks for the county to record your deed.  We use electric filing systems that allow our deeds to be recorded in hours, not weeks.
    Your satisfaction is important to us.  If your not happy, we are not happy.  If you are not happy with the lot you purchased, we will work with you to swap it for another that works for you.  Sorry, but we are not able to refund fees that we paid to the county for recording fees or fees you paid to River Ranch.
    We are not Realtors, we own each of the properties we sell.  We buy them, sell them, even finance them with easy terms.
    Speaking of financing, we sell all of our properties with no hassle owner financing.  The payment terms are listed on each property, there is no credit check, no  background check, no prepayment penalty, we make it easy to buy land in River Ranch.
    We do all of the paperwork.  We prepare everything, we record everything, and all of our prices include closing and recording cost.  You don’t have to pay extra to close.

Contact us

If you have questions about our properties or River Ranch, you are welcome to call us at 941-475-0709.