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1.26 Acre Camp Site – 30-31-22-000000-014030

Looking to establish a permanents camp site at River Ranch?  Then you need this site which is located in the camping area of River Ranch.  This deed also allows you to have up to 4 families on the deed.

To ensure compliance with River Ranch Rules, you will need to have this property surveyed, prior to establishing your permanent camp site.  The cost of a survey is about $600.00.
Property Details:

Parcel ID: 30-31-22-000000-014030
Size: 1.26 Acres
Terrain: Level
Access: Restricted
Conveyance: Special Warranty Deed
HOA Fees: $145 per year
Taxes: Approximately $5 per year


Cash Price: $5,995.00
Owner Financing: $1,000.00 Down, $ 100.00 per month for 60 months.

GPS Coordinates (approximate coordinates)

Northwest Corner: 27°46’13.32″N,81°18’21.26″W
Northeast Corner: 27°46’13.30″N,81°18’19.43″W
Southwest Corner: 27°46’10.06″N,81°18’21.27″W
Southeast Corner: 27°46’10.04″N,81°18’19.43″W

FL-Polk-Camp-Bartley-1 FL-Polk-Camp-Bartley-2 FL-Polk-Camp-Bartley-3 FL-Polk-Camp-Bartley-4

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