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Single Key – Suburban Estates

Are you looking for access to Suburban Estates?

This 1/4 Acre wet lot will give you one key access.

We will add you to an access deed and you will own a single undivided interest in this property, which is just enough for you to gain a single key to Suburban Estates.

How does a fractional ownership work?

We will issue you a deed that shows you own a single, undivided interest in this access lot.  We will record this with the county (fees are included in your payment below) and this will give you 1 key.

Property Details:

Parcel ID: Assigned upon purchase
Size: Fractional Ownership
Terrain: Level
Access: Restricted
Conveyance: Special Warranty Deed

Cash Price: $995.00 plus $249 Document Prep Fee

Owner Financing: $100 Down plus $249 Document Prep Fee – $100 per month for 12 months.

One Payment and you get the Deed
One Time Payment
Single Key to Holopaw
30-day guarantee
Purchase Now
90-Days Same As Cash
per month for 3 months
$100 Today - Plus $249 Doc Fee
$306 for 3 months (Includes taxes, etc)
You can order your key with our Docs.
90-Days Same as Cash
Owner Financing
Per Month for 12 Months
$100 Today - Plus $249 Doc Fee
$108 for 12 months (Includes taxes, etc)
You can order your key with our Docs.
Sounds Great

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